Joint efforts for powerful metrology: GOM CEOs Dr. Detlef Winter (left) and Dirk Bergmann (right) with Dr. Jochen Peter, a member of the ZEISS Executive Board.

Joint efforts for powerful metrology: GOM CEOs Dr. Detlef Winter (left) and Dirk Bergmann (right) with Dr. Jochen Peter, a member of the ZEISS Executive Board.


The best of both worlds

In 2019, the ZEISS Group acquired GOM, which became part of its Industrial Quality & Research segment. What does that mean in practice for customers and users? It means they can rely on tried and tested solutions and look forward to exciting new synergies, as Dr. Jochen Peter, a member of the ZEISS Executive Board, and Dr. Detlef Winter, Managing Director of GOM, explain in this interview.

How will the industrial manufacturing customer base benefit from the recent acquisition?

Dr. Jochen Peter: Customers can now take advantage of a one-stop-shop that offers best-in-class quality assurance solutions in tactile and optical metrology as well as in CT scanning and microscopy for all industrial applications. The combination of existing ZEISS and GOM products and solutions as well as the joint development of new products will allow us to serve customers in ways that no other competitor will be able to do.

Dr. Detlef Winter: The integration of the GOM portfolio, expertise, and experience in the field of optical 3D metrology gives additional possibilities to customers looking for faster and easy-to-use quality assurance solutions for a broader range of applications. It also enables new connectivity improvements via our advanced application software.

What are the first joint efforts combining ZEISS’ and GOM’s forces that will have an impact on the industry?

Dr. Detlef Winter: We combine and improve our portfolio to reflect the rising demand for high-end solutions in aerospace and automotive as well as for more small, flexible, and easy-to-use scanning systems. With GOM Inspect, we currently offer top-of-the-line application software for 3D metrology systems across many industries. Our latest development cycle includes immense progress in creating new functionalities for CT data that will bring industrial X-ray inspection to the next level.

Dr. Jochen Peter: With X-ray being a top strategic priority for the industry, we have consolidated our two portfolios into one, so that our customers can immediately take advantage of our improved range of CT solutions. Another early joint effort will be the introduction of the ZEISS Aerospace Solutions program, an innovative approach that will drive productivity for aerospace customers by combining the strengths of both portfolios.

What does this acquisition mean for the long-term future of the Quality Assurance Industry?

Dr. Jochen Peter: Both ZEISS and GOM bring to the table well-established international organizations with true global reach, and cultures of innovation and customer service. During the next few years, we will identify synergies and combine the best practices from both organizations to bring to our customers a significantly improved new product and to take our customer partnerships to a new level.

Dr. Detlef Winter: We will also combine the best of two worlds when it comes to technology, innovation, hardware, and software development. We will bring our different approaches, linked together by a common goal, and consistently deliver the best range of industrial quality solutions for our customers today and tomorrow.

Achieving more together

In this issue we present some of the first joint projects and collaborative ventures between GOM and ZEISS. Look out for the 2gether symbol.