Miltera’s enduring success with ZEISS CMMs

Empowering Automation

Miltera was formed in 2007 in Canada and special­izes in rapid prototyping, short-run production and turnkey applications. The prototype and high-tech, ultra-precision parts are often produced for the aerospace, medical and consumer electronics sectors. To provide extreme-tolerance parts, Michael Blackburn, President of Miltera, installed four ZEISS coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to qualify machine tools. The systems are the perfect match, as Miltera has very strict requirements for tight tolerances, accuracy and abundance of data as many of their parts require 100% inspection.

Tight tolerances
Miltera first installed ZEISS CenterMax, a CMM designed with a vibration dampening structure and variable work­piece base that makes it incredibly stable and reliable. In the years since they’ve added another ZEISS CenterMax model as well as a ZEISS GageMax system and a ZEISS MICURA system. “Today, all measurements are performed on these CMMs, both in the measuring lab and on the shop floor,” says Blackburn. Miltera’s ZEISS MICURA is stationed in their quality lab. This CMM has been calibrated to provide sub-micron ­accuracy and a repeatability of under 0.3 microns, making it an extremely accurate CMM.

ZEISS GageMax is integrated directly into fully automated robot production cells. Pallet changers connect the CMM to processing centers, eliminating time-consuming trips and enabling lights-out production monitoring and optimization. This automation is empowered by ZEISS FACS, a module for the ZEISS CALYPSO measuring software. “The editable automation program allows routine measurements to be incorporated into our processes,” says Blackburn, who looks forward to partnering with ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions into the future.