ZEISS DuraMax and ZEISS Integration Series

Ready, Steady, Go!

Perfect in production: ZEISS DuraMax
Absolute accuracy is the most valuable asset in metrology, especially when using tactile measuring devices. But what’s to be done if the machines have to be set up near the production line? If they stand on the same floor as CNC milling ­machines and lathes? If they have to exhibit more ­robust­ness than temperature sensitivity? Well, in this case, ZEISS DuraMax is the natural choice. 

Steadfast in harsh surroundings
ZEISS DuraMax, the tactile shop floor coordinate measuring machine with a IP54-rated ShopFloor base, has been geared towards at-line measurements on the shop floor, and it’s protected from dust and moisture. The compact machine offers an ideal measuring volume-­footprint ratio. Its optional pneumatic vibration damping compensates ground vibrations without affecting measurement accuracy. The axes are equipped with glass ceramic scales which do not even expand with temperature increases, thus ensuring stable measuring processes.

High-speed precision 
The ZEISS VAST XXT probe head performs fast Single-Point measurements as well as contour and free-form surface scans, rendering fixed gauges superfluous. In addition, smart software solutions such as ZEISS CALYPSO VAST probing with Fast Single-Point Detection are 30% faster in producing measuring results. When combining the ZEISS duplex system with the DuraMax, operators can prepare the next test specimens in the course of the measuring process, thus improving machine utilization and throughput.

Optimal interaction
ZEISS Integration Series

Loading systems, production workflow integration and automation – ZEISS Integration Series has it all and ­ensures optimal integration of measuring machines into the production processes to reach higher utilization and productivity rates in quality assurance.

Standardized interfaces ensure fast and efficient automation and easy integration of your measuring device into your production line.

Measuring devices are incorporated into the production environment, the measured data are stored in a centralized database – without any detours. Users can migrate their manual measuring values into automated processes. Ultimately, ZEISS operating products provide faster product quality analyses, which allow users to take immediate action. 

Our feeding and loading systems are compatible with various CMMs from ZEISS. They offer high throughput, optimized operating times and safe working conditions. The new ZEISS MultiLoad automated loading system boasts a maximum throughput at minimum idle times: Workpieces are set up in queue while the measuring process is ongoing and are then fed automatically into the CMMs. This allows for running long periods without operator involvement or even unattended shifts. The modular system can be fitted with multiple CMM handover stations which will feed the parts into a maximum of four devices.