ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

Mastering Quality Together

We are passionate about quality. We rely on strong, reliable partnerships with our customers and work towards a common goal: optimizing and further developing quality assurance. Together, we want to increase productivity in companies and take a leading role in the market.

"Smart manufacturing is undeniably data-driven. By collecting accurate full-field data, 3D scanning is the gateway to unlocking digital twin strategies. This improves quality control and processes through intelligent data visualization. Accurate data is at the heart of every successful strategy."  

Catherine Kim
Director of Marketing, Optical Systems USA

“We see sustainability as an opportunity to help our customers produce more efficiently and achieve their climate goals. With our focus on less scrap, less energy consumption and the further expansion of circular economy, we make a positive contribution to resource requirements and climate goals.” 

Hans Trenkler
Head of Sustainability ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

“We simply provide greater certainty, along with a higher production rate for our customers.”  

Dr. Georg Dambauer
Managing Partner at VMG Dambauer,
about 2D X-ray technology in aluminum casting  

"The Chinese industry is investing heavily in research and development in the field of electromobility and electronics. We collaborate closely with our customers to solve quality problems and to provide all-in-one solutions. But more importantly, we have made a commitment to our customers that we will offer only solutions that will help them. That’s what builds trust."  

Susan Dan Su
Head of Industrial Microscopy China, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

“We never look for specific measuring devices but for an integrated measuring solution. ZEISS understands our products and measuring needs and is able to develop the ideal solution that best matches our requirements.”

Philipp Kurz
Volkswagen Salzgitter, Engine Design and Testing, on the start of series production of electric drives for the ID.3  

“With our course, we are clearly steering towards the growing requirements in the industry: With a strong, broad technology and software portfolio, our application expertise and the global positioning of ZEISS, we want to live up to our claim as an innovation driver and a preferred partner of customers.”  

Dr. Marc Wawerla
CEO ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

“Thanks to our decades of shared software expertise, we are able to take industry standards up to an entirely new level in terms of process capabilities and the degree of automation.”  

Dirk Bergmann
Head of Software, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

"Our success is the result of a seamless combination of cutting-edge technology, metrology expertise and world-class support."  

John Moore
Application Engineer CT, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions