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Your daily measuring routine can be so easy – if you have the right knowledge. ZEISS helps its customers to make the best of the measuring system functions and its software package range.

Online training plays an important role alongside classroom courses – customers can choose from Live Online Training courses and flexible eLearning courses in virtual training camps and can access them from anywhere, anytime. Or they can learn more about metrology in eBooks and apps – available on demand.  

Users can attend live Basic Training courses to get started with the systems. Advanced learning paths focus on software and industry needs. The offer ranges from single-day to multi-day training courses, which users can combine to suit their needs. 

The portfolio also includes cross-platform metrology courses with AUKOM. The courses have different levels and cover know-how independent from machines, including tried-and-tested procedures. Thanks to a modular concept, each course imparts more knowledge. The participants take a final exam to gain a certificate that is globally recognized.  

ZEISS has a global training concept which guarantees an international benchmark in training. Certified trainers are available throughout the world. Customers may even choose to book on-site courses if the trainer’s location is too far away. 

CALYPSO Software Training

CALYPSO training courses show how to use the software and its functions effectively. portal.zeiss.com

Meet the Trainer: 

Certified ZEISS trainers do make a difference: One of them is Daniel Melching. He works in Training Development at ZEISS and is also responsible for Basic Training courses in the GOM Inspect software. Here, he reveals how participants can make the most of their courses. 

Daniel, not only do you develop the training content – you also put it to the test every day, since you are a trainer yourself. How do you make sure that the customers’ “penny drops”, as the saying goes? 
I’ve noticed that the participants learn much more when I challenge them to find out things for themselves. So, after a short introduction, I give them a task and then let them test it out for themselves. Naturally, they make mistakes. Still, they will learn much more than they would if I demonstrated everything.

How do you develop new training content? 
Industry-specific courses are developed in close collaboration with Sales because they know and understand our customers’ needs best. Prior to a new software version release, we get together with the software developers because we talk with our users on a daily basis and have a good feel for user-friendly and intuitive software operation. We also pass on to our developers the insights we’ve gained from software courses so that they can continue to improve the products and their features.  

Many courses are now available as digital versions. How do you entertain your class while making sure that they learn the content?  
Especially when dealing with many new eLearning courses, which our customers can retrieve anytime from anywhere, I try to include typical questions and their answers whilst recording the session. When working with these formats, it is even more important to remember the basics: clear language, easy-to-follow examples, a lively presentation. During our eLearning courses, we also make sure that we deliver a professional and appealing production so that people have fun while they’re watching it and listening to us. 

ZEISS celebrates its measuring heroes. 

Premium product quality is of great importance for a company’s long-term success. Even the smallest quality glitch can lead to lasting reputational damage for the company and may lead to severe losses. Each and every day the quality assurance staff ensure a smooth production flow. Their valuable work, however, is all too often taken for granted and they only ever enter the picture when quality problems occur. With the #measuringhero initiative, ZEISS acknowledges the commitment of these hidden champions and has made it its mission to thank metrology engineers throughout the world for their dedicated work.  

This initiative consists of different elements, for instance, practical tips and tricks and talking shop within the global network of metrology engineers: In the #measuringhero vlog series on YouTube, Jay Elepano takes his audience into the world of quality assurance. He talks with metrology experts, meets up with ZEISS customers, takes up measuring challenges and visits interesting industrial sites. 

The #measuringhero community is a forum where you can talk about tricks of the trade and challenges in quality assurance. In the meantime, the expert community has developed into a global network for metrology engineers.  

ZEISS has already bestowed the international #measuringhero award for the second time. Learn more about the measuring challenges the winners had to master and how they won over the jury with their expertise. Meet the previous winners. 

Find more information about training courses at portal.zeiss.com and training.gom.com

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